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Match Projects

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The MATCH BOARD has been suspended until further notice


Introduction to MATCH
by the Former Project Manager

MINSTER is quite rightly an important part of Thanet's regeneration, as it has been vital to the history of England and Christianity. We have therefore ensured that Minster's heritage has been enshrined in Thanet's regeneration programme over the next few years. This has led to the formation of MATCH (Minster Action for Tourism, Culture and Heritage), to allow the residents and businesses of Minster to decide how Minster should be in the future.

It was necessary to form a true working partnership, bringing together influences from the Public and Private sectors, to work with residents on a number of projects designed to protect our history and make Minster's future secure for our children.

We have consulted widely, and I believe that the effort and contribution made by a great number of local people is a wonderful example to everyone involved in regeneration. Some marvellous ideas and suggestions have been put together to form projects that can be delivered for the benefit of our community. Projects are addressing issues like the environment, our heritage and culture, sport and recreation, all essential for quality of life. Nor are we forgetting our neighbours and visitors who come to Minster for a variety of reasons.

We successfully applied for Market Town status, a Government initiative operated by SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) through the Countryside Agency, and we have worked with these Agencies to deliver a Health Check (where we are) and an Action Plan (where we're going). We are confident that Minster's tradition of community spirit and involvement will ensure delivery and success.

Following publication of the Action Plan, a Delivery Plan was produced, showing the Strategic Objectives of MATCH and the project delivery timetable.

Year 1 (April 2003 - March 2004)

Our programme is as follows:

Under Strategic Objective (SO) 2, we have published a new Rural Thanet Transport Guide and in September 2003 we launched the village Web Site . Tourism-based and ICT-based training will be offered in the second half of the year, with leaflets and other marketing materials being produced in the spring.

SO3 - We are trying to encourage take-up of the new Bed & Breakfast Grant Scheme, and looking for office space for new businesses, as well as conducting feasibility studies on projects that are planned for later years.

SO4 - New cycle racks and signage have been erected throughout Minster. We have just been granted approval to re-landscape the Prospect Inn roundabout at the top of Tothill Street, and erect three sculpted Minster logo signs at strategic places on the roundabout. (See notes below from Sign Manufacturers) This is a vital landmark for Minster and Thanet, and it will advise people that they have arrived in a very special place - Minster-in-Thanet AD 670. Towards the end of this year, we will make efforts to improve some of the verges, footways, car parks, bus stops and the toilets.

SO5 - A new Wheels Park has been constructed for our youngsters. Whilst it can now be used, construction of a BMX track and landscaping round the Park will take place in October and November 2003. We hope to start on the All Weather surface and a new bowls pavilion towards the end of this year, subject to support from Sport England and the private sector. We are working closely with Kent County Council on the possibility of employing a full-time community worker.

SO6 - We are committed to further Public Meetings to allow the public to have their say and to comment on how MATCH is delivering the Vision set by residents. These meetings also allow MATCH the opportunity of giving feedback to residents, advising of the successes and challenges that we encounter along the way. We will also support community-based events, and celebrate our successes, in an effort to promote the tourism potential of Minster, making it a sustainable place to live, work and visit.

We continue to work in Partnership with SEEDA, The Countryside Agency, Kent County Council, Thanet District Council, Minster Parish Council and the Private and Voluntary sectors. Vital to the success of MATCH, however, is the involvement of local residents. Work with us and be part of the success.


Minster Signage - Martin Reeves Nailbourne Forge 11/01/2004

I was approached by Terry Painter in December of 2002, on behalf of MATCH, to collaborate in the new Signage and landscaping proposals for the Prospect Inn Roundabout at Minster.

A thorough site survey was carried out, including photographing the various approaches as a car driver would see them arriving at the roundabout. My brief was to design and produce new signs, which would work with the existing highway signs erected in Minster. It was fairly straightforward process in suggesting designs, but I was not sure when I first presented my proposals to the MATCH Board exactly how large they would need to be. I had also considered the landscaping and how it would best compliment the signs, and vice versa. Once my proposals for the signs had been given approval by the MATCH Board, the next question was to establish the height and position of the three signs. I built a three dimensional computer model which helped determine all the necessary details.

A site meeting was held with myself, MATCH Board members Terry Painter and Gerry Glover, TDC Planning department, KCC Highways and the Police to look at all the planning and safety considerations. I had manufactured a full size mockup of one of the signs and spent an hour darting between the roundabout and the highway trying to get the three positions of the signs correct! I then produced some scale drawings of the roundabout and signs. KCC and TDC agreed the proposals and planning permission was granted in July 2003.

An order was placed for the signs at the beginning of October once the funding was in place, and manufacturing started immediately as the design work had been completed by then. The landscaping on the roundabout started in the second week of December, the signs were delivered at the same time, and the project was completed by the end of the year.

It has been a most rewarding project to work on and the first for myself where I have been so actively involved with the committee on the whole project. It would not have been possible without the single minded dedication of those members, especially when it seemed as though the various hurdles set before us could never be overcome. I would especially like to thank Gerry Glover, Terry Painter and Colin Holden for their close support.

Martin Reeves


Minster in Thanet
Original Site Design by James Prince, Ray Owen & Colin Holden

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