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Neighbourhood Watch

Minster Neighbourhood Watch (Zone 10)
c/o Library & Neighbourhood Centre
4A Monkton Road
CT12 4EA

Email Secretary: click here
Zone 10 Website: click here
NW Website: click here
Kent Police Website: click here

Chairman: Roy Grant
Secretary: Tony Goodman

We are always actively seeking Street Co-ordinators, to both compliment those we already have, plus for new street cover, as there are still quite a few village streets that are not in a scheme. If your street isn't in a scheme and you think you could give a little of your time to the role of a street co-ordinator then please contact us through the library at the address above for a sign up form

Not sure if you are in a scheme? Then please, contact us and we will let you know.

One of the benefits of being in a scheme is that some house insurers give a discount on premiums to those who are, however if you have stated on you policy application that you are in a scheme when actually you aren't, then some insurers have been known not to pay out in the event of a claim. Insurance Companies DO check this with the police when a claim is made.

As a co-ordinator you will receive information from the Police by either phone or e-mail (you decide) which if relevant to your area should by some means be passed on to your neighbours. You can commit to as much or as little as you are prepared to do, nobody is expected to cover more than around 20 properties (10 either side of your property) unless you wish to, or even less than this if you prefer.
You do not have to visit all of your neighbours personally, some of our co-ordinators put the information in their living room window or on a noticeboard in their garden, others produce flyers, on their computers or by hand, and pop them through their neighbours letterboxes.

Not sure if you are interested, contact the Secretary at above address



Q: Can my landlord use CCTV in communal areas?

Yes, usually they will need to make you aware of this and explain why they have installed the cameras.

Q: I want to see some CCTV footage. Can I ask for it?

If the CCTV operator is covered by the Data Protection Act then you have the right to ask for a copy of CCTV images of you by making a 'Subject access request'

Q: Can I, or my neighbour, use CCTV?

If the cameras are installed on residential property and are for personal domestic use, they are unlikely to breach the Data Protection Act. This is because the use of CCTV cameras for domestic purposes, for example, protecting a home from burglary, is exempt from the data protection principles, even if the camera overlooks the street or other areas near the house. If you are concerned about the use of domestic CCTV, it may be worth contacting your local police. However, if you or your neighbour are using CCTV for business purposes, you will need to comply with the Act.

Read all the above information here:

Download the ‘Code of Practice ’ here:



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